National Promotional Event Staffing

You only want the most talented promotional staff representing your brand on the front lines. Whether it's brand ambassadors, trade show models, promotional models or touring event staff you're looking for, XO Talent Agency has you covered nationwide. XO makes booking staff for your event incredibly easy! Get started by picking the city for your event, select your preferred promotional team members, tell us about your event and we take care of the rest.

Why Promote Your Brand With XO?

If you want your audience to truly remember your brand and talk to their friends about it, you must fully engage them in the EXPERIENCE of your brand! Your brand has an image to uphold and the promotional event staff at XO can help you communicate that vision to your consumers. Let our highly experienced team of brand ambassadors, who have helped promote brands just like yours all across the country, take your activation to the next level! The goal is to create a BUZZ around your product or service. Let our promo staff get people talking, texting, tweeting and sharing your brand - this is what XO does best!

Team XO Represents Premium Brands

XO Talent Agency is based out of San Diego, California. In the span of two years, XO rapidly grew from a small, local agency to a nationwide promotional event staffing powerhouse. Thanks to our modern approach and extensive selection process, XO has become the clear choice for staffing events for over 200 popular companies and name brands. We have represented clients at both large and small-scale events in every major city across the country.

From Los Angeles to Miami, New York to San Francisco, XO does more with less. The overall acceptance rate to join the agency is approximately 10%. Unlike many other event staffing agencies, we won't just throw anyone at your event, because we take great pride in our reputation as a premium staffing agency. We only work with the best promotional models and the best clients in the business, period. By being highly selective and thorough in our recruitment process, we find that every individual on the team gets more experience, more interaction with the same crew, and that translates into reliability, which is the most important factor in promotional modeling.

Interested in Joining Team XO?

We're always on the lookout for awesome promo models and brand ambassadors! If you think you have what it takes to join one of the fastest growing promotional modeling agencies in the US, we encourage you to create an XO account and submit an online application. Though we can't give away all the secrets of our selection process, a few of the key things we look for in new models are reliability, a positive attitude, social intelligence and a certain level of energy and enthusiasm.

XO Behind the Scenes

Chicago - Azalia and Nicole, representing Adaptiva, give away a brand new Harley Davidson at the annual Microsoft Ignite Expo.
Nashville - The ladies of team XO Nashville representing Kahlua for cult movie night at the Belcourt Theatre!
Miami - Check out the XO twins, Victoria & Caroline representing Schweppes for Miami Food & Wine.
Boston - The promo girls of XO Boston representing the Vita Dating iOS app at NAGA Nightclub!
Chicago - Beata works the crowd at the finish line of Spartan Race! Who doesn't like free stuff?
Saint Louis - XO promotional models Lauren, Polina and Gabriela team up with Alpha Brewing Co. for a fun video shoot promoting Miracle Berry Beer!
Lauren representing XO like it's nobody's business! Check out her profile!
Saint Louis - Timelapse video of XO Talent Agency's team photo shoot, compressed down to 60 seconds for your entertainment.
Chicago - Team XO representing Stella Artois at Chicago Gourmet.